The School Series

The School Series© began as a weekend seminar known as Finishing School. The Finishing School idea started in 2010. It was a not-for-profit programme

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School Series has begun the process of transforming the Toolkit from its current facilitator-and-students-in-a-room model to an online version. The digital platform we’ll create will incorporate the best practices of digital education and learning initiatives such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Self Organised Learning Environments (SOLE) to create a group learning atmosphere. This will enable us to create a resource that offers a safe yet fun system to teach life skills to young Kenyans.


The project shall be carried out in 2 phases:

  1. PHASE I - Inspiration and Ideation: This entails going back to scratch and questioning all our assumptions, i.e. reviewing the results from our 4+ years of teaching life skills to young people, conducting focus groups with past participants and control groups as well as parents, teachers and employers. This human-centered approach will ensure that we deeply understand the needs of our target audience.

  2. PHASE II - Implementation Phase: We will then use the feedback from Phase I to revise and update the Toolkit, and subsequently build a digital edition of the School Series Toolkit along with a content management system (that includes quizzes, offline and online activities) and analytics system. The new digital portal will consist of Basic and Advanced Life Skills courses, both of which will be piloted and rigorously tested to ensure they are effective in teaching soft skills to Kenyan youth.

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