These are people who give 2 to 10 hours a week to The School Series© programme, and help with running training sessions, both for our clients or partners as well as Training of other Trainers.


How to Become a Mentor

The School Series© is a not-for-profit programme, therefore as a mentor you will be volunteering your time and energy to faciltate training sessions in the School Series Toolkit. Aside from your time and energy, the following are some of the qualities we seek in a mentor:

  • Commitment – we need you to attend or conduct as many sessions as you can, and to show up when you sign up for a session;
  • Integrity – we need you to be honest, ethical and striving to be a good person;
  • Morality – we need you to subscribe to a moral code of conduct (not necessarily religious), have a sense of right and wrong, and be trying & succeeding as much as possible to walk on the good side;
  • Desire to mentor & help others – this should come from within you as a person;
  • Public speaking abilities – you should be willing and able to stand in front of and address a crowd. You also need to be coherent and able to impart ideas through speaking;
  • Confidence – you need to have some belief in yourself. It also helps the public speaking abilities required above;
  • Punctuality and Reliability – this means that you attend all mentors meetings and the sessions on time and keep your promises;
  • Can work well with a team – this will require a tremendous amount of teamwork to successfully carry out. General pleasantness, a sense of humour, ability to work under pressure once in a while.


If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please sign up via our MENTOR REGISTRATION FORM. If your application is successful, someone from our team will then get back to you with our Mentor’s Induction Manual and take you through our induction process. You will then begin training which will have 2 stages:

  1. Training in the Toolkit: You will go through the toolkit as a particpant so that you can learn and begin to implement the principles and skills therein for yourself.
  2. Training of Trainers: Once you've completed the Toolkit as a participant, you will be assessed. If you are a good fit for the School Series team, then you will begin the Training of Trainers component. This stage consists of you facilitating training sessions to cover the complete School Series Toolkit so that you may increase your understanding of the Toolkit as well as build your pedagogy skills.

After the training is complete, each new mentor undergoes a probation period of 3 months where the other mentors will assess you, and give feedback. You will then officially be a member of our team!

 If you would still like to be a part of the School Series© but your schedule doesn't permit you to be a mentor, please consider becoming a Friend Of School Series today!


Meet Our Current Mentors

Angela Kabari

Angela Kabari : Mentor

I love being a School Series mentor because I believe our lives would be less painful if we could learn from other people’s mistakes. Mentoring allows me to share my mistakes and learn from others and thus we collectively take a step forward towards a happier, better life.

Caroline Ouma

Caroline Ouma : Mentor

I love being a School Series mentor because I get to help another person make better decisions than I did when I was their age. I get to give back to society timeless skills that will help individuals successfully navigate the 21st century!

Dorcas Gathura

Dorcas Gathura : Mentor

Mentorship for me is a consistent reminder that everyone is still figuring it out. Mentoring keeps me sane.

Michael Njogu

Michael Njogu : Mentor

I love being a mentor because I get a chance to lift someone up, just as I was once held up.

Natasha Haavi

Natasha Haavi : Mentor

Being a School Series mentor provides me with an opportunity to learn and share tools that enable me to actualize my goals and maneuver through everyday life.

Nikky Wasuna

Nikky Wasuna : Mentor

Mentoring gives me an opportunity to develop knowledge, experience and skills in mentoring and coaching. It also allows me to share my experiences with mentees just like the people who mentored me in my younger years and continue to mentor me today.

Waringa Wagema

Waringa Wagema : Mentor

I love being a School Series mentor because to be a teacher is to fundamentally be a life long learner first