These are the people who work at School Series for 20 or more hours a week. Their main role is to develop and execute the organisation’s mandate.

Meet the Core Team

Angela Kabari

Angela Kabari : Founder and Executive Director

Angela is passionate about education, with a focus on soft skills, as she believes that a holistic education is the key to successful outcomes for learners. In addition to being the founder of the School Series© Programme, and developing the School Series Toolkit©, she has over ten years experience working in the development space, from the UN and EU. Before joining the School Series© team full time, Angela last worked with Making All Voices Count, a programme that explored the intersection of technology and civic engagement. As the Programme’s Capacity Development Officer, Angela managed the Capacity Development office’s GBP 250,000 annual budget to build a robust Capacity Development programme that worked with Making All Voices Count grantees in 12 countries in Africa and Asia to evaluate their projects and ensure they had the necessary knowledge, skills and networks to successfully implement their projects. Angela also has over four years of experience developing and implementing tech and education projects using the human-centred design approach.

Waringa Wagema

Waringa Wagema - Programme Coordinator

Waringa has a Bachelor’s degree in both Law and Public Health and has worked with the School Series© Programme in various capacities for five years. In addition to her work with the School Series© Programme, she is the Founder and Director of a mental health organization as well as a researcher and activist for minority SOGIE (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity and Expression) matters in Kenya. Waringa also has experience as an IT Project Manager, specializing in the development of mobile applications, gaming and systems development. Her unique combination of skills and expertise in law, public health, and management give her a valuable edge in developing programmes for Kenyan communities. When Waringa is not working she loves all things art and design, writing, reggae, yoga, reading, telling a good story and having a hearty laugh.

Dorcas Gathura: Head of Programmes Circle

One of Dorcas’ favourite songs is Passenger’s ‘Life is for the living’. Its premise that if you don’t live then you are better off dead is a profound perspective of life that Dorcas agrees with. Dorcas is outgoing, enthusiastic and adaptable, and this makes her a great life skills trainer. She has worked with the School Series© Programme in several capacities for four years. Dorcas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and is currently pursuing her Masters in Monitoring and Evaluation. A sucker for simple things, she loves tea with lots of milk, her family, reggae music and vast open spaces. For Dorcas, developing and executing programmes is a reminder of the diversity that exists in the world and a constant call to empathy.