Geoffrey Canada


Geoffrey Canada is a renowned American educator. In his TED talk (Our Failing Schools. Enough is Enough) he explores one of the major flaws in the American education system: a stubborn adherence to a failing business plan. He tackles the issue of educators refusing to change their approach; they refuse to be innovative and to embrace science, despite the system repeatedly failing many children.


The 8-4-4 education system has many short-comings: a strong focus on national examinations, a heavy curriculum that is often difficult to complete in the allocated time among others. There is need for an immediate and lasting change if we are to save the next generation from the problems we currently face, such as illiteracy and unemployment. The ideas proposed in this talk, despite originating from the context of a different education system, are very relevant to the Kenyan situation and can be tweaked and implemented as a means of effecting this change.