Talks and Presentations

Geoffrey Canada


Geoffrey Canada is a renowned American educator. In his TED talk (Our Failing Schools. Enough is Enough) he explores one of the major flaws in the American education system: a stubborn adherence to a failing business plan.



In Changing Education Paradigms, Sir Ken Robinson looks at the current education system in America, which is similar to education systems in most parts of the world.

Arvind Gupta


Arvind Gupta is a toy inventor. He uses everyday items which people would generally consider “rubbish” to make toys that teach children scientific principles and are fun to play with.

SirKenRobinsonPhoto RyanLashTED


How Schools Kill Creativity is a TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson in which he discusses the trend of creativity decreasing with the increase in education.



Sir Ken Robinson is an English teacher and advisor in education. How to Escape Education's Death Valley is a TED talk in which he explores the failures of the American education system specifically those that were supposed to be remedied by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Law.