1. Course Hero is an educational platform whereby students and educators share access to learning resource. Learners can share their own learning resources and also seek tutor help among others.
  2. Video Lectures.Net is a platform that facilitates the sharing of knowledge and exchange of ideas.It has a wide range of categories and is ideal for the visual learner.
  3. My open courses is an Indian platform where you have access to resources from a wide range of topics and it is also very interactive. You can ask or answer questions on the various topics.
  4. Alison offers courses from the world's top publishers. They have a wide array of topics to choose from.
  5. Allversity provides learning materials for learners from a wide range of topics.
  6. Complexity Explorer provides educational materials related to complex system science.
  7. Open Education allows for readers to be exposed to both subjective and objective look at various issues facing professional systems today.
  8. Merlot is an online collection of free multimedia educational resources for learning and  online teaching.
  9. Open Washington offers access to open textbooks, course material, videos, and images.
  10. University of Wisconsin Open Textbook Library has free textbooks across a wide range of disciplines.