Learning Resources

Aggregators refer to the online platform that links you to a variety of courses being offered by different institutions and platforms around the world. You will find courses from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Stanford,John Hopkins and Duke University among others.

WizIQ is a platform providing systems for comprehensive training and teaching.
Free rice is an interesting quizz/learning platform which helps contribute towards ending world hunger. For each correct score Free rice donates 10 grains of rice.
Stanford Engineering Everywhere is a platform that provides learners and educators access to Stanford's Engineering courses for free.
Open Yale Courses is a compilation of lectures and course materials on recorded lectures on different courses offered in Yale.
MIT Open Course Ware displays open courses from the Masachussets Institute of Technology.
Webcast Berkeley contains course materials from Berkeley posted in spring 2015 and earlier.
Duke University provides many courses for free. Subjects such as healthcare, chemistry and more are available.
 George Washington University offers free open courses as part of their mission to provide worldwide thought leadership and access to education.
University without Boundaries offers various courses on law, communication, psychology and economics among others in different languages.
University of the People is a non-profit tuition free accredited online institution providing undergraduate degrees in business, administration, and computer science.
OpenSesame provides a wide range of courses aimed at improving businesses. Courses range from business , safety, and compliance related skills among others.
Digital Business Academy empowers learners wth business skills needed to start, run or join a digital business.
First Business MOOC offers training in the best business practices in various languages.
Fx Academy is a comprehensive learning platform to learn about Forex trading from anywhere and at any time.
Investoo is a free online tool to practice forex trading.
MR University (Marginal Revolution University) offers education website with courses on economics.
School of Business and Trade offers free computer accounting courses.
Soundviewpro provides courses on critical business skills as crisis management and people skills that create success among others.
Academy Bridge provides free online business education courses.
Instreamia facilitates language learning through online languages and articles.
Virtual Linguistic Campus is a platform to learn both theoretical and applied linguistics courses.
Marist: Fashion Program is an online platform to get acquainted the communication and art of fashion from a global perspective. 
The Writing University provides open courses on writing-poetry, fiction, and songs.
Duolingo is a great website for learning languages for free.You can learn Italian, French, and Spanish among other languages.
Babel.com is another great language learning platform.
Creativelive offers courses on photo &video, art & design, music & audio, craft & maker and money & life.
Mind snacks is a great place for learning languages through games and fun.
Lang-8 is also a great platform for learning languages through interaction with native speakers.
CK-12 is an interactive platform that allows learners to interact with school content through simulations and adaptive practice in the K-12 education system. It is useful for different subjects such as social studies, math, chemistry, and biology among others.
Mytestbuddy.com is a platform that encourages online social learning and studying together with others in preparation for tests.
  1. Course Hero is an educational platform whereby students and educators share access to learning resource. Learners can share their own learning resources and also seek tutor help among others.
  2. Video Lectures.Net is a platform that facilitates the sharing of knowledge and exchange of ideas.It has a wide range of categories and is ideal for the visual learner.
  3. My open courses is an Indian platform where you have access to resources from a wide range of topics and it is also very interactive. You can ask or answer questions on the various topics.
  4. Alison offers courses from the world's top publishers. They have a wide array of topics to choose from.
  5. Allversity provides learning materials for learners from a wide range of topics.
  6. Complexity Explorer provides educational materials related to complex system science.
  7. Open Education allows for readers to be exposed to both subjective and objective look at various issues facing professional systems today.
  8. Merlot is an online collection of free multimedia educational resources for learning and  online teaching.
  9. Open Washington offers access to open textbooks, course material, videos, and images.
  10. University of Wisconsin Open Textbook Library has free textbooks across a wide range of disciplines.