Please note that the School Series Prgramme is NOT a rehabilitation facility and as such we do NOT offer any services related to addiction recovery. 

The information on this page is ONLY for general informational purposes about recovery facilities located within Kenya. While we strive to keep the information accurate and up to date, we make no warranty about the accuracy of the information. We have no affiliation to, neither do we endorse any of the organizations mentioned on this page.


If you would like your Kenyan organisation to feature on this page kindly contact us.


Below is a list of some of the rehabilitation facilities within Kenya:



Fountain of Hope Addiction Treatment Centre
Fountain of Hope Addiction Treatment Centre is a Christian-based rehabilitation and wellness facility located in the suburb Syokimau area within Mlolongo Township. It has a homely serene environment that is conducive to one’s recovery from alcohol and substance abuse addiction. It is located 3km behind gateway mall in Syokimau. The Centre is open on a daily basis and admission is on a voluntary basis for both male and female clients that are suffering from all kinds of addiction.

Their minimum recommended period for treatment is 3 months.

Below is a summary table of their charges:
Accommodation, catering, and living charges: 2,000
Counselling and clinical management charges: 2,500
Detoxification charges (includes the counselling and clinical management charges): 6000
Other charges: medical tests, cost of other medications, referral expenses etc. to be specified when required

Phone: 0726 967 783, 0710 577 223, 0720 326 306

Postal address: P.O Box 6103 – 00100, Nairobi
Website: http://www.fountainofhoperehab.org/index.php


The Retreat Rehab Centre
The Retreat Rehab center is located off Limuru road after Ndenderu shopping center. The center offers a number of programs as indicated below:
• Family support program
The program seeks to help the families and friends of those going through addiction through offering emotional support and understanding.
• Art Feelings Workshops
This program creates an avenue for the clients to express and experience emotion. Counsellors use the art workshops to increase insight, work through trauma and enjoy the creative experience.
• Music Enrichment Programs
The clients are exposed and involved in music which offers creative expression and promotes the clients appreciation for cultural development and sensitivity. The program promotes wellness, improves self-esteem and develops social skills of the client.
• Nutrition and Body Exercise
The clients are taken through a fitness program that helps in better coordination of the body and mind.
• Family therapy
Family therapy involves an entire family or a group of families together and helps families that are going through a hard time.
• Spiritual Recovery
The program is not religious but spurs a spiritual awakening encouraging the client, to be honest with themselves and willing to accept help.
• Psycho-Education
This program educates the client and their family members to accept the client’s diagnosis, therefore, the client gets a deeper understanding of their illness.
• Individual therapy
The counsellors work with individuals to assist them taking into consideration their individual needs through the recovery process
• Group counselling
A group of clients comes together under the guidance of professional therapists to share experiences and support each other.
• Aftercare
After completing treatment the clients are integrated back into society and follow up is done through monthly meet up meetings.
• Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy seeks to help the client with promoting health through performing tasks so as to equip them with recovery skills in their everyday lives.

Landline: 020 8081739
Cell: 0715 003150, 0732 740938
Website: http://www.theretreatkenya.org


Nairobi Place Addiction Treatment Center
It is located Mokoyeti Road West, off Langata Road, Karen opposite Kenol petrol station. The institutions aim is to help people suffering from addiction to alcohol and other mood-altering substances to return back to their normal lives free from addiction. Their treatment approach is based on the Disease Model understanding of addictive disorders with the 12 step facilitation. Basically, they look at addiction as a disease and provide the patient with the necessary tools and support to overcome addiction.
They offer the following services or programs:
• In-patient treatment-It is a 6 week individually tailored program whereby the patient recovers in a serene environment away from their usual home or work environment. The model is 12 step based and includes evidence-based treatment such as medically monitored detox, psychiatric consultation, Individual psychotherapy (with a psychologist), family support group, written assignments, group therapy, relapse prevention and art therapy.
• Out-patient treatment
It is a 9-week program designed for individuals needing treatment but does not need to be housed within the residential treatment. It includes one on one counselling and social support group.
• Out-patient Intensive treatment

The intensive out-patient program is a full-time run program plan designed to meet specific client needs.
• Family program
Involves the family helping them have a better understanding of addiction.


Nairobi Place-Addiction and Specialized Treatment Centre
Off Langata Road, Karen
Tel: 0202 679 839
Mobile: 0733 440 000, 0735 550 000

Nairobi Place CBD Town Outpatient Office
Nairobi Place, Kilimani
6 Chania Apartments, Chania Avenue
Ring Road, Kilimani, Nairobi
Tel: 0202 679 839
Mobile: 0724 808 808, 0722 135 957

Nairobi Place –Nanyuki Outreach Office
Nairobi Place-Nanyuki Outreach Office at Kongoni Offices
Tel: 0733 170 000
Website: http://nairobi-place.org/contactus.html

The Bridge Centre Ridge Ways
The center is located in Garden estate, Mukima close off Thika super highway. The center provides individualized treatment so as to meet the client’s individual need. The treatment is provided through the following carefully established steps: Drug/alcohol detox, medication management (when necessary), group therapy, individual therapy, family counselling, educational lectures, nutritional counselling and 12 step programs. They offer the following programs:
• Addiction Treatment
Detoxification occurs in this program and a further treatment plan is designed for the client.
• Drug Addiction Recovery
A thorough psychological and psychiatric examination is conducted by specialists and an effective treatment and recovery plan developed.
• Alcohol Rehab
Specializes in the treatment of alcohol dependency.
• Drug Rehab
Specializes in the treatment of drug abuse through focusing on the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of a person towards full recovery.
• Dual Diagnosis Treatment
This refers to treatment for the co-existence of drug addiction/ alcoholism and a psychiatric disorder.
• Drug Addiction Relapse Prevention
• Drug Rehab Aftercare

Telephone: 020 260 9402
Cell: 0724 830 821
Website: http://www.bridgecentre.or.ke


The Raphaelites-Red Hill place
The center is located in Red Hill-Limuru near St. Paul’s University 5 km off Limuru road. The Institution has been in existence since 2001. They offer the services mentioned below for both adults and youth.
• Rehabilitation
• Counselling
• Outreach
• Therapy
• Recreation
• Aftercare
Both in-patient and out-patient services are offered.
Postal address: P.O Box 8667 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Cell: 0722 714 300, 0733 714 300
Website: http://www.theraphaelites.com

Wonderpeace Rehabilitation
The center is located in Ruiru Kimbo off Thika super high way. The center provides the following programs/services.
• The First Phase
On arrival, the patient is assigned a primary counsellor who will work with the clinical team to supervise and individually structured recovery program.
• Addiction Treatment Program
Tackles addiction through working on the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of the patient’s life.
• Detox and Psychiatric
The Centre has a medical unit that handles detoxification and psychiatric problems resulting from addiction and also those not related to addiction.
• Relapse Prevention Programme
This is an out-patient program designed to help those less addicted or those likely to relapse. It runs in the evenings and on weekends.
• General Counselling
Guidance and counselling services offered in times of need to help enhance an individual’s life through general counselling.
• Family Support Programme
Family members become involved as in important aspect of recovery. Family and open recovery sessions are organized on the weekends.
Postal address: P.O. Box 4364-00100, GPO Nairobi
Cell: 0720 968076 /072807882/ 0702449445
Telephone: 0202129021
Website: http://www.wonderpeacerehabilitation.org

Asumbi Treatment Centre
Asumbi Treatment Centre is one of the oldest Rehab Centers in East Africa dating all the way back to 1978. The Centre is located in Homabay and also has branches in Nairobi-Karen and Ridgeways. The Centre focuses on social growth, personal learning, and lifestyle change concepts. The program duration is 12 weeks which is broken further into details as indicated below.
• Orientation/social detoxification (2 weeks)
At this stage, the patient familiarizes with the Centre and its rules and regulations. A primary counsellor is also assigned to the patient at this point to prepare him/her for the next stage of treatment.
• Primary treatment (8 weeks)
The 8-week treatment is divided into 2 segments (each segment being 4 weeks). The first segment focuses on education about addiction and individual acceptance of it while the second deals with recovery and the establishment of a sober life for the individual.
• Discharge plan (2 weeks)
Preparations for discharge occurs whereby the client’s fears and weaknesses are addressed. This process assesses the individual’s readiness for discharge, therefore, allowing them to set a suitable date for discharge. In the case the client is not ready for discharge reasons are defined and recommendations for continuation of the program is made.
Head Office, Karen. Nairobi
Postal address: P.O. Box 34374 – 00100, Kenya

Tel: 020 23 22 49 7/ 020 23 22 49 8
Cell: +254 721 28 78 22
Website: http://www.asumbi-tcentre.org

Chiromo Lane Medical Centre
Chiromo Lane Medical Centre is located along Chiromo Lane, Muthithi Road junction in Westlands. The Centre has an annex branch located in Muthangari Road, Lavington which serves as an assessment Centre whereby adolescents and young adults are evaluated before admission for treatment to rehab centers. The center offers the following services:
• Mental Health Program
Focuses on assisting patients with mental problems. Patient’s duration of stay and treatment is dependent on treatment progress under the evaluation of a treating psychiatrist.
• Detoxification
The process takes 3-10 days and is administered so as to stabilize the patient. This is followed by a period of assessment to determine the best possible further treatment options.
• Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy, in this case, refers to talking to a psychologist to address mental health concerns. This process helps the client understand and cope with emotional problems or mental disorders. Both individual therapy and group therapy options are available.
• Outpatient Services
This refers to services offered to clients that have been referred from other institutions, relatives or self-referrals. Individualized treatment is available to ensure ongoing support to the client even after discharge.
• Nursing Care
Nursing care is offered 24 hours to ensure a safe environment for the patients, Relatives are encouraged to visit often and work with the nurses to engage in treatment plans and expected outcomes. Regularly meetings facilitated by nursing staff and chaired by patients are conducted. Such meetings allow patients to air their views and also gives a sense of ownership and dignity to them.
• Addiction Treatment
The program is a 24-hour chemical dependency program providing in-patient detox and rehabilitation services. It also includes psycho-educational groups (individual, group and family counselling), peer self-help groups, psychiatric consultation, case management and continuing care. Treatment period is dependent on client needs and progress.
 Chiromo Lane Medical Centre
Postal address: P.O. Box 1501-00606, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 020 815 5742
Cell: 0729-359501, 0786-265143
Chiromo Lane Medical Center (Bustani)
P.O. Box 1501-00606, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 020 201 7962, 0733 778 609
Website: http://www.clmc.co.ke

Masaa is a registered NGO addressing drug and substance abuse and related problems. They offer the following services:
• Alcohol and drug Abuse
• Substance Abuse Assessment and Screening
• Referral and resource services
• Short-term solution-focused counselling
Argwings Kodhek Road, Hurlingham, Nairobi Women’s Hospital
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254720316019
Website: http://www.masaa.org/

Support for Addiction and Prevention in Africa (SAPTA)
The center offers both residential and intensive outpatient services to their clients. Treatment to drug and alcohol addiction consists of multiple day or evening sessions throughout the week. This includes a 12 week program access and community support groups. They provide the following services:
• Group therapy
• Life skills
• Psychiatry
• Psycho-education
• Relaxation techniques
• Family and individual counselling up to 5 days a week
P.O Box 21761 - 00505
Nairobi, Kenya
Corner House
11th Floor, Kimathi Street
Website: http://www.sapta.or.ke/

Other rehabilitation centers Include:

Kenyatta National Hospital-Department of Mental Health
P.O BOX 2073-00202 KNH
Tel: 0713033028, 2726300-9 Ext. 44101
Physical Location: Kenyatta National Hospital

Maisha House, Rongai
P.O. Box: 1207-00502 Nairobi
Tel: 0723695167
Physical Location: Rongai

Mathari Hospital Drug Rehabilitation Unit
P.O. Box: 40663 – 00100
Tel: 3763316/7/8, 0721336017
Physical Location: Muthaiga off Thika Rd, opp. Muthaiga Police Station

Nairobi Outreach Services-NOSET Maisha House
P.O. Box: 1207-00502 Nairobi
Tel: 0733901657, 0720401793, 07228525932098451
Physical Location: Ngara

STEVFO Treatment and Counselling Centre
P.O. Box 65-00100, Nairobi
Tel: 0721952642/0721428368
Physical Location: Next to Kamiti, Kahawa West, Kiambu Road


STEPAWA Halfway House
P.O. Box 22-00100, Nairobi
Tel: 0724346769, 0725237255, 0734171046
Physical Location: Umoja Road, Ongata Rongai

Alcoholics Anonymous
NB: The website has a page whereby you can access if you need rehabilitation assistance.
Tel: 0724219570
Website: http://www.aa-kenya.or.ke/index.html

Emmanuel Resource Centre
P.O. Box 57626 -00200, Nairobi Kenya
Tel: 0722565397, 0732761666


Greater Life Concern
P.O. Box: 58817-00200
Phone: 020-8048605/6
Physical Location: East Leigh
Website: http://greaterlifeconcern.org/welcome/home.php

Serenity Treatment Centre
P.O. Box 23360-00100, Nairobi
Tel: 0724499853
Physical Location: Rungiri, next to Rungiri Secondary School, on Nairobi – Nakuru highway
Facebook link: https://web.facebook.com/epsychologists/info/?tab=overview

Serene Centre
P.O. Box 59692-00200, Nairobi
Phone: 0720890243
Physical Location: Nyaki Rd, off Magadi Road, near Kiserian

Chariot House
P.O. Box 190 – 90100, Machakos
Tel: 0773392615, 0738979787
Physical Location: Machakos Town, Miwani Estate

Vifukofuko Recovery
Physical Location: Mai-ai-hii (Near Ondiri) – near Kikuyu Hospital
Tel: 020-2331728, 0716404774, 0701653015
Website: www.vkrecovery.org



Please note that the School Series Prgramme is NOT a rehabilitation facility and as such we do NOT offer any services related to addiction recovery. 

The information on this page is ONLY for general informational purposes about recovery facilities located within Kenya. While we strive to keep the information accurate and up to date, we make no warranty about the accuracy of the information. We have no affiliation to, neither do we endorse any of the organizations mentioned on this page.


If you would like your Kenyan organisation to feature on this page kindly contact us.


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