Life School is a mentorship programme that targets 19 – 25 year olds who are in tertiary education institutions e.g. polytechnics, colleges or university and have not yet joined the job market.




It uses the School Series Toolkit© with a special emphasis on the fact that the youth are now seen as adults, responsible for their own lives, time and resources, and who will soon enter the job market and establish career paths.


The programme is run on two tracks:


Track 1 - Independent Participants:

We hold several sessions in a year, and they are open to all boys and girls in this stage of their lives, regardless of their learning institution. Each session lasts one half-day (morning or afternoon).


Track 2 - Institution Based:

This is run within the college or university premises and are tailor-made to suit the institution and the particular students that we work with, from the different faculties and years. Contact us today if you would like us to come to your Polytechnic, College or University.