The Finishing School Programme is a fun, activity-filled annual seminar targeted at young people between 18-20 years. The programme is designed to cater to not only form 4 graduates but also young people who are pursuing their A-levels, International Foundation Year (IFY) or International Baccalaureate (IB).

Optimized Girls Finishing School 2014 2 Optimized Boys Finishing School

Initially, the programme was a weekend long sleep-over for girls. However, over the years, we have managed to expand the programme into 2 annual seminars. In 2014, we had both a Girls’ Finishing School, and a Boys' Finishing School as well.


Additionally, as a result of the development of the School Series Toolkit, the programme grew into a 5-day seminar during which, in addition to taking participants through the tools in the Toolkit, we have sessions on various important topics that are specifically relevant to young people in the target age-group. These include; managing finances, higher education both in Kenya and abroad and parenthood and careers.


This interactive and fun-filled workshop enable the young adults build their self-awareness and emotional intelligence, learn how to take responsibility for their actions, resolve conflict in a healthy manner, how to resist negative peer pressure and improve on communication.


Finishing School 2016

Topics covered during our sessions usually include:

  • Character building and values
  • Setting of goals and time management
  • Personal branding and using social media responsibly
  • Education and careers choices
  • Finance 101 - managing your money
  • Use of freedom: alcohol, drugs, dress & other lifestyle choices
  • Relationships and friendships
  • and many others


Contact us for any inquiries or additional information in regard to our Finishing School Programme.