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Below is a compilation of abuse centres where victims of sexual, psychological, physical or any other kind of abuse can seek help.

The Gender Violence Resource Centre is a charitable trust of the Nairobi Women’s Hospital Group. It was started in 2001 with its main purpose to provide free medical treatment and psychological support to survivors of sexual and domestic violence.
It provides services such as:
• Response – Comprehensive medical care and psychological support through creation of one –stop care centers
• Primary prevention – creating awareness that facilitates behavioral change through training
• Advocacy – has a strong voice in lobbying and tracking the implementation of the gender legislation
At the Nairobi Women’s Hospital Adams Branch,
Along Kirichwa Road, Off Ngong Road.
P.O Box 10552-00100, Nairobi
Mobile No: +254 719639006
Website: www.gvrc.or.ke



The Centre was established in May 2007 after a growing increase in number of survivors of sexual abuse at the Accidents and Emergency department. The Centre was established by the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in conjunction with other partners such as AMPATH, Kenya Police, German Development Cooperation – DED and GTZ and the Legal Aid Centre of Eldoret. The Centre seeks to provide a safe, kind and respectful environment for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sexual and gender based violence.
They offer the following services:
• Inpatient and outpatient services 24 hours daily
• Evaluation of the survivor which includes history taking, monitoring vital signs and initial counseling which is done by the medical officer and Nurse on duty
• Examination where forensic evidence is collected for analysis. Tests for pregnancy and other diseases are carried out and appropriate treatment is given
• Psychological counseling is offered to the survivor
• Temporary shelter is offered for close support and monitoring until one is physically and psychologically well to be discharged from the unit.
• Legal action is provided where the survivor records a statement at the Police Station for legal action against the perpetrator and then the survivor is referred to LACE for legal advice
• Follow-up is done for up to six months which includes home visits to the survivor’s home
• Support groups
• Advocacy through creating awareness through the media. The Centre also visits schools and the public for sensitization on prevention of SGBV. They also work hand in hand with the Legal Aid Centre of Eldoret
Located at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital
Address: P.O Box 3705-30100, Eldoret
Telephone: +254 532033471, +254 53 2061005
Website: www.mtrh.or.ke

Child line Kenya (CLK) is a Non-governmental Organization whose aim is to promote child rights and enhance child protection through ICT innovations. It was started in 2005 and is located at Lower Kabete Road, Kabete Rehabilitation Centre.
They offer the following programs
• National Child Helpline-116. It is a 24 hour toll free helpline service where children and adults concerned about the welfare of children can call to report child abuse.
• Strengthening child protection systems. It comprises of interventions that aim at empowering children and their families on child rights and protection.
Address: P.O Box 10003-00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: +254 727 637076, +254 202059722, +254 735 8133444
Helpline: 116


Amani was founded in 1979 as a voluntary organization to provide counseling services for people who are passed through emotional and psychological problems. Their main aim was to offer counseling services to victims as well as to train counselors and to assist people in improving their emotional health. Amani has satellite centers in Kisumu, Nyeri and Mombasa. The Centre offers courses in Counseling, Social Work and Community Development. There are also workshops on Stress Management, Dealing with Loss and Grief, Child Counseling, Addiction Counseling as well as Trauma Counseling. The classes are offered at a fee.
The Counseling Centre is open daily counseling services offered include:
• Individual counseling
• Couple counseling
• Family therapy
• Child therapy
• Group therapy
Head Office Mbagathi Way off Langata Road
P.O Box 41738-00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 02 6002672/3
Fax: +254 02 6002674
Cellphone: 07 22 626 590 / 0733 263 870
For more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Women’s Rescue Centre is operated in the Wangigi Area of Nairobi and offers a volunteer program only for women. The home caters for young women aged 12-24 years who are sexual assault victims, found working at a young age or found on the streets. The volunteers apply at a fee and mostly come from abroad Kenya.
The home offers the following:
• A safe and happy place for the women to heal and develop
• Empowerment, they are taught life skills to enable them support themselves in the future
• Education. They are taken to school while others stay behind for their safety
• Volunteering. The volunteers are involved in activities such as life skills training, planning fun activities for the young women and organize group counseling/support groups to help the women cope with their past
For more information visit: www.lovevolunteers.org

CREAW is registered non-profit women’s rights non-governmental organization founded in 1998 by women lawyers who had a common goal to confront the low knowledge on women’s needs and rights in Kenya. It was initially registered as the Centre for Rehabilitation and Education of Abused Women but later changed to the current name to cover a wider scope they were intending. It is open to both male and female membership
Their functions include the following:
• To create public awareness and sensitize the society on women’s rights, to defend women’s human rights and promote equal rights for women
• Equal opportunity. They promote opportunities for women in the political and educational fields
• Generate Knowledge. This is done through research and reform policy and debate on women’s human rights
• Strengthen institutional capacity and provide an open forum for discussion of all matters affecting women.
Kibera Satellite Office
Kibera Drive, DO’s Compound
Kibera, Nairobi
Mobile: +254 0719 437 286
Elgeyo Marakwet Close House No 1(on the left), Kilimani, off Elgeyo Marakwet Road
Telephone: +254 -20-2378271
Mobile: +254 720357664
Website: www.creawkenya.org


The clinic was opened in 2008 in Mathare in Nairobi. It is located to the east of Nairobi within the Eastland’s neighborhood. It is funded by the Medecins Sans Frontieres.The victims they treat are mostly women and children and some of them are as young as 9 years old.
Their services include the following:
• Emergency assistance. The organization has an ambulance available 24/7 to collect the victims. A nurse and a social worker take the victim and record their initial statement about the attack. At the clinic, the patient meets a Social Assistant who accurately documents what happened to them. The victim is seen by a doctor for medical examination and initial treatment.
• Social support. MSF organizes a short-stay accommodation for them and works with a local network to boost victim protection. After being released one goes back to their community, however, the organization carries out awareness campaigns
• Training and awareness programme. MSF staff uses music and theatre to raise awareness about domestic violence in Mathare
P.O Box 39850-00623, Nairobi Kenya
Telephone: +254 202400330

The Wangu Kanja Foundation was set up in partnership with Action Aid to campaign for change and give support to other victims of sexual assault. The foundation pushes for victims not to be ashamed and to speak out.
The foundation is involved in the following activities:
• Helpline. The foundation set up a helpline that women can call to report a rape. They then connect the women to healthcare workers and paralegals in the area who accompany them to medical examinations and help them submit medical report to the police
• Legal advisors help follow the case through.
• Counseling where victims are allowed to talk about their experiences with others
• Therapy, which is offered through dance classes
P.O Box 12608. GPO-00100, Nairobi Kenya
Location: Mukuru Kwa Rueben, Enterprise Road
Phone: +254 722 790 404, +254 774 746 699

It is a NGO based in the coastal province of Kenya with an objective to empower women in distress with the capabilities to reach their full potential so they can live productive lives free from violence and exploitation
Their programs include:
• Counter trafficking. It targets survivors of Human Trafficking as well as those at risk to provide rehabilitation through psychological counseling and support to survivors
• Rescue, rehabilitation and re-integration of sex workers. Victims are given psychological care and counseling life skills training, and livelihood and economic empowerment activities as well as support groups
• STI/HIV prevention, care and support. This is done through HIV counseling and testing , STI screening and treatment, Cervical cancer screening, community outreach and Peer education
• Child protection. It is majorly done through educational support, rescue, psychological care and counseling.
• Economic empowerment and livelihood support. This is done through vocational and skills training
• Girls football
Head office: SOLWODI house, Arch Bishop Makarios Road- Ganjoni
Address: P.O Box 17030-800100
Telephone: +254 412222327, +254 412316488
Website: www.solwodi.co.ke


The Centre is a public-private partnership between the Ministry of Health and International Centre for Reproductive Health. It was set up in May 2007 to provide quality care for survivors of rape, sexual violence and sexual exploitation. The Gender Based Violence Rescue Centre is situated next to the casualty/emergency unit of the Coast provincial hospital for ease of access to victims.
The services provided include:
• Medical care. These include management of injuries, provision of Post Exposure Prophylaxis, emergency contraceptives pills, forensic collection and filling in of Post Rape Care and P3 forms.
• Psycho-social care. Trauma counseling of the survivor, HIV counseling and testing and adherence counseling
• Legal counseling and support. Referral to police, court preparation and watching brief in court.
• Referral for specialized services( medical, psycho -social and legal)
• Counseling of the victims and their families
• Monitor and evaluate the follow-up cases and care of survivors
• Raise awareness
Contact: it is located at Kisauni Road, Mombasa, Kenya
Telephone: +254 41 231 4204

The Centre is located in Meru, Kenya and is founded on Biblical values and principles. They facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation and self-reliance of girls who have experienced or are constantly at risk of sexual, physical or psychological abuse. They currently support 35 girls at the home and 285 through outreach program in the community.
The Centre offers the following services:
• The rescue of girls that have suffered rape or sexual abuse
• Legal and medical services
• Training and certification school for those girls who have dropped out of school for one reason or another.
Location: 9kms from Meru town, Off Ruiru road, Kithoka
P.O Box 1236-60200, Meru, Kenya
Emergency Rescue 24/7 line: +254 724 098 986

It is a national, non-governmental, on-profit, human rights organization established to identify and educate the community the community on the causes and effects of gender violence and child abuse. I t become operational in1994 by catering for the needs of abused and violated women and children and later began catering for the unaccompanied minors whose rights have been violated in 2002.
The services offered:
• Provision of alternative accommodation
• Supportive services like medical care and legal advice
• Trauma counseling
• Mediation
• Reconciliation
• Resettlement
• Re-integration
• Advocate for enactment of appropriate legislation and formulation of appropriate policy
• Involve communities in identifying the causes and effects of gender violence and child abuse
• Work with communities to establish sustainable, community-owned GBV intervention strategies.
• A programme that targets men in need of counseling, troubled marriage, policy makers and the public at large
Mvuli Lane, Off Thika Superhighway
Opp. Muthaiga Police Station
P.O Box 3006-00200, Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: 0722-252939, 0721-367677, 0722-258550
Website: www.wrapkenya.com

The Children’s Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to the protection, promotion and enhancement of the rights of the child through court representation, advocacy and law reform. Its main core is that it offers a Legal Aid Program. Its main objective is to enhance access to justice for children and providing healing to children who are traumatized through psycho-social support.
The organization offers the following initiatives:
• Legal advice and representation of children at the court.
• Impact litigation
• Self-representation
• Referrals
• Fact-finding Missions and Rescues
• Pro bono Schemes training
• Judicial reforms
• Psycho-social support
• Mobile legal clinics
The CRADLE – the Children’s Foundation Swiss Cottages (Apartment no.1), Ring Road, Kileleshwa, Off Riverside Drive
Phone: +254 (0)20 3874575/6
Mobile: 0734 798 199/ 0722 201 875
Fax: +254 (0)20 2710156
Website: www.thecradle.or.ke

Divinity FGM Rescue Centre is located in Inkisanjani, a small village in Oloitoktok Sub County. It is a Centre where young girls are rescued from Female Genital Mutilation and child marriage. The Centre hosts 21 rescued girls aged between 10-17 years. The Centre opened its doors to welcome young girls in April 2014. The Centre has a dairy farm, vegetable and medicine farm, onsite borehole and solar power.
The services offered include:
• Provide safe haven, protection for high risk cases rescued from FGM
• Provide free or subsidized healthcare through our rural community healthcare clinics
• Community outreach awareness on FGM and the legal rights
• Trauma-counseling and urgent healthcare for victims
• Sponsor education for the girls rescued

It is located at Suswa in the Rift Valley Kenya and was launched by Kenya Children’s Home in 2005 as a refuge center for young orphaned or destitute girls. It was established to save the young Maasai girls from Female Genital Mutilation and early arranged marriages, still practiced in the Maasai community. The Centre now houses 120 girls aged between 7-15 years.
The Suswa Centre offers:
• A home where they are protected from this activities
• Education to empower them and change their lives for better

1. CARA Girls Rescue Centre. It is located in Kibiko, Nairobi, Kenya. It caters for up to 40 girls who are victims of neglect, abuse, female genital mutilation, incest or early marriage. For more information visit: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


DISCLAIMER: The information on this page is for general informational purposes. While we purpose to keep the information accurate and upto date we make no warranty about the accuracy of the information. We have no affiliation to, neither do we endorse any of the organizations mentioned on this page. If you would  like your centre to feature on this page kindly contact us