According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary a condom is a sheath commonly of rubber worn on over the penis so as to prevent conception or venereal infection during coitus. It is also defined as a device that is inserted into the vagina before coitus and that resembles in form and function the condom use by males. Condoms protect against both STIs and pregnancy.

According to the National Health Service U.K condoms can be 98% effective if used correctly every time during sexual activity. Some people may be allergic to latex. However this is not an excuse for not using condoms because they could go for the non-latex ones such as th

ose made from polyisoprene or polyutherane.

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 Male condoms are made of very thin latex (rubber), polyisoprene or polyutherane and are made in a way that they are able to prevent semen from coming into contact with the sexual partner. When using male condoms;always check for the standard mark as there are sub-standard condoms in the market. In Kenya, check for the Kenya Bureau of Standard (KEBS) mark. Carefully remove it from the packet being careful to not damage it with fingernails or any jewelry then gently squeeze the closed end between your fingers and thumb in order to get rid of any trapped air and if it has no reservoir tip pinch the tip enough to leave half an inch space for semen to collect. While still pinching place the condom on an erect penis and unroll it all the way to the base. Put lubricant on the outside if necessary and pinch out air if any left in the ends. After intercourse has taken place and the ejaculation has occurred withdraw from your partner holding the rim of the condom so as to prevent so as to prevent semen from spilling out. Tie the end and wrap in a tissue and dispose off in a bin.


 Condoms usually come lubricated for easier use. However some people use additional lubricant or lube particularly for anal sex so as to prevent the condom from splitting. If the condom is not made of latex then any lubricant can be used but if it is latex or polyisoprene type of condoms do not use oil based lubricants such as body oil or lotion or petroleum jelly such as Vaseline because they are likely to damage the condom increasing the chances of splitting. Condoms come in handy especially during unplanned sex. They are easily accessible and are even free in most places and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors. Another added advantage is that there are no side effects to using condoms. We should also note that even condoms have their short comings and can split if not properly used. It is therefore important to know how to handle condoms properly for efficiency. Condoms need to be stored in a cool and dry place.

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