Hey everyone!

I am not a blogger and this is the first one I am doing ever in my 20 something years of being on this our good earth!

Today we went to Alliance Girls courtesy of Catherine Wanjiru active Alumnus of the school.

When we drove in to the grounds – and I am not marketing for the school in any way- I was impressed by how clean it was and well taken care of. The guard at the gate was really polite and enquired as to whom we had gone to see. He then took our Ids and we went in. The receptionist was also quite polite and went to get the deputy principal with whom we had an appointment with.


As we sat in the waiting area we had ample time to look around and I was impressed by the goal they had for this years' KCSE candidates. The slogan was something like it's all As and nothing but As this year. And I thought to myself no pressure! But to have such a goal and have posters, and banners saying so.... no wonder the school does well in KCSE! I mean, the school expects nothing less. And i imagined the form ones who had come in this year looking at that banner and knowing that, that was the school's expectation once they got to form four. Clearly the vision is ingrained very early on. But what struck me was the air of pride and loyalty. I felt like I would join Alliance and be a part of that great team and be a part of that vision that said "To become a leading and most preferred National School in the provision of quality, excellence and holistic education for girls in Kenya." And their mission that said "To provide a conducive environment and to offer quality, excellent and holistic education that motivates students to discover their talents and strive to reach their potential, thereby equipping them to fit well in society and contribute positively to Nation Building. "

We met with the Deputy principal and the Guidance and Counselling teacher. If the rest of the team is as enthusiastic and energetic and wanting the best for the girls as these two ladies are then no wonder the Alumni are so passionate about their school!

I have never been to a school and been that impressed! I look forward to working with the girls. I know with the School Series team and the teachers we will help all those young ladies make the right choices and as their motto says walk in the light!


By Nikky Wasuna