School Series History

The School Series began as a weekend seminar known as Finishing School. The Finishing School idea started in 2010. It was a not-for-profit programme for girls run on a volunteer basis by a group of girls aged 24 – 26 years under the umbrella of Family Network International.

Our main idea was to give girls who are leaving Form Four an idea of what life after high school is like. It was an effort to tell girls what we, the mentors, wish we knew at 18 - sort of a combination of busting the myth that "as long as you do well in KCSE you will be set for life" and trying to open their eyes to the fact that they are now legally adults, will have to make serious decisions and live with the consequences of their decisions and choices.

When we saw that there was great demand for the programme, we started to envision a program that included boys and reached to all youth (i.e. ages 15 to 24, or Form One to Final Year of Campus). We came up with the idea of a full set of seminars, known as The School Series Programme. This programme would cater to each age group in order to meet this need.